Strip Lighting

Not all LED strips are created equally!

Why come to AZ Light for your Strip Light needs?

  • Knowledgable staff - Try finding that at a box store.
  • Selection of strip lights - RGBW, RGB, CCT, Single Color, High CRI Kitchen Strip light
  • Meanwell and Magitude drivers
  • 110V, 24V, 12V
  • Controls, Controls, Controls - ask about our best selling cell phone controller.
  • Parts- connectors, wire, amplifiers
  • Selection of aluminum channel
  • Quality- Our in house electronic engineers screen all products for performance and reliability.
  • Warranties
  • Showroom

Strip Lighting

Products for Contractors and Home Owners

AZ-Light has all the supplies for your Under-Cabinet Lighting or Deck Lighting. Our staff will assist you for all your needs.

8A Rotary Dimmer

InLine Dimmer

LTech D1 Dimmer

LTech D2 CCT Control

LTech D4 RGBW Control

LTech Wifi Control

Waterproof power supply

RGB Triple Dimmer

RGBW PWM Amplifier

Rotary Dimmer 30A

Meanwell LRS 100-24

RGBW Controller and Remote