Outdoor Fixtures

Illuminate Your Outdoor Areas With AZ Light

We can light up parking lots and commercial spaces for you

Do you want to make the sidewalks around your commercial building safer? Do you need to brighten up a parking lot or walkway? AZ light offers an array of outdoor lighting solutions for your property. We can help you find the right fixtures, including:

  • Shoebox lighting for parking lots and streets
  • Floodlights for broad areas
  • Strip lights for the boundaries of buildings
  • Canopy lights for gas stations and overhead lighting
  • Linear lights for sidewalks
  • RGB LED accent lighting for the sides of a building

When it comes to illuminating the outside of your commercial property, we offer an endless array of lighting options. Contact AZ Light today for top-notch outdoor fixtures.

Keep your property looking its best

We provide a variety of LED lights that lasts for years. Our bulbs can save you money on your electrical bill while maintaining the level of safety and illumination you want. Improve your property's exterior right now by contacting AZ Light for outdoor fixtures.