Light Tower Rental Solutions

Light Tower Rental Solutions

The Inflatable Illuminating Light Tower is an invention which lights up to 3.0 acres within 3 minutes in bright, vibrant light.

Designed for outdoors, camping, concerts, events, emergency situations, and night road construction sites, the Light Tower runs on electricity or a gas-powered generator. It consumes 950 watts and can be plugged into 120 VAC, single phase.

The Light Tower is built to endure wind, and it also includes anchor hooks for stabilization. The tower’s original size is 20 ft., but it can be collapsed to 10 ft. The tower can work in temperatures from -40 below zero to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical Features & More!

  • Dimensions: 1’8x1’10x20’
  • Weight: 48lbs/130lbs
  • Light: High CRI metal-halide lamp or high pressure sodium 600 or 100 watt (300 W LED coming soon)
  • Generator: 3.5 gallon tank, each gallon gives you up to 4-5 hours of light
  • Able to be plugged into 120 VAC
  • Single Phase

The reflective fabric tower is inflated by the air pump. While using the generator, you can also get an additional 2,000 w x 120 VAC from the generator’s outlet.

Rental Cost: $150/week

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